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Monday, October 24, 2011

Saving Grace

Gracie the greyhound is one of the lucky ones who found her forever home thanks to the dedicated caring staff of greyhound rescues. She did not win all of the races, but she did win the hearts of her new owners. She will be featured in the Nov. 5 AZ Greyhound Rescue Fall Festival.
Gracie is 12" x 24" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas and comes ready to hang. She is also available on my website www.suebetanzos.com.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

National Geographic BioBlitz 2011 Wildlife!

This weekend I attended and participated in this year's special event BioBlitz sponsored by National Geographic. Each year a different national park is selected by National Geographic for an intense two days of collecting, identifying and recording the flora and fauna of that area. As the environment is always changing, adapting, the natural world is adapting and evolving new species from fungi to new insects, plants, animals.

Saguaro National Park was selected for 2011 BioBlitz. It was an honor to have three of my wildlife pieces chosen and displayed in the visitors center of Saguaro National Park at this amazing and special event. I can only hope that through my wildlife artwork the public will gain an appreciation of the beauty and frailty of our natural world and above all the message that everything is connected in a vast skein - a network of life. Every thread that is broken weakens the whole.

Get ready for some serious glass mosaic - I am also working on a large mosaic sign for Tucson Wildlife Center. They are a non-profit organization who's mission is to rescue, rehab and release wildlife that has been injured or suffered the impact of urban encroachment. Let's face it - we already know that wildlife habitat is shrinking at an alarming rate and with it the bio diversity.

My goal - that my artwork will help change perceptions. Next time people look at one of my bat paintings, or Gila monster mosaics their perception of that species will change from "Eeeww, ickk!" to " Oooh, beautiful, fascinating animal!"

Queen of The Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? - Official Trailer [HD]

An Excellent film I plan to watch.
In Tucson AZ we have an increase in the aggressive, African Bees. These are not the sweet, industrious bees described in your story. They are aggressive and will sting in force. They are difficult to distinguish from regular bees.
I recently got rid of an angry hive on the back side of my house due to the danger they posed for my animals and neighbors.
The sad part is that they are slowly outnumbering the nice, native bees. The African Bees Are NOT native to the US - they are an Invasive Species that are now established and spreading, taking over native populations and areas.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Siempre - Always

Siempre - Always is what I know - that our pets forever remain in our hearts. My aussie Risa is gazing at Kitty Kat in the mesquite tree.

This leash rack is inspired by the love we keep for our pet companions.
Custom orders are welcome. You can contact me here and at my website www.suebetanzos.com

Mosaic mixed media on recycled cabinet door 13x9".

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ready for the Holidays?

Any day now we will wake up and BAM! Thanksgiving, Christmas music and displays everywhere. Seems like a whirlwind of activity that is both exciting and stressful.
My work will be exhibited in three small, but well attended venues so I am really excited and looking forward to new commissions.
Every penny is being saved for Risa's medical expenses coming up and travel $$ to visit with my family for the holidays.
There will be new offerings of prints and notecards. It isn't easy to choose images for the notecards - never know what will sell.
Oh, I will start to post pictures of a cool mosaic sign I am working on for the Tucson Wildlife Center. Had to adjust the design to fit the words because the frame was made a bit too small.
PLUS - I am making the glass charms with images of my work. They are pretty cute and can be worn on a chain, put on a key ring, zipper etc.
Ordering glass tomorrow.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Well here it is, finished at last.
I love Border Collies and Aussies! This painting is in acrylic and is 24 x 30".
I chose to glaze a jewel toned turquoise over parts of the painting for vibrancy.
I love the way it turned out and hope everyone else does too.
So far my efforts to join the dog communities has been more of a challenge than I anticipated. thug I have sent out over a dozen query letters to various dog organizations the response has been slow or none. Wonder if it's me... My letters are short and pleasant explaining who I am with a few images and links to my site. My follow up calls and messages are sometimes answered.
Well I got a break this November when the AZ Greyhound Rescue was kind enough to squeeze me into their fall festival. It is a very nice, short venue and I am pretty excited and glad to be included. Plus just had an interview with Tucson Lifestyles Magazine - Yipee!! I am looking forward to more commissions doing work I love. My new Vets are interested in purchasing some of my work so that is really cool too.
After a long slow hot summer it feels good to speed up again. Now back to work!
Oh Sweet Risa says Hi!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

La Sirena - the Mermaid

Slip stream quick sliver sure, The Mermaid of the Sea of Cortez glides thru her forest of kelp and coral reefs. She is friend and guardian to the sea life in her home.
Folk tales of fantasy have always attracted me. Mermaids, dragons, elves and unicorns - magical beasts and beings.

I always felt that everything has a spirit. Trees, rivers, wind. The ocean must have its guardians too. La Sirena that lives in the Sea of Cortez is the color of her consorts, the garibaldi. Though her home is the kelp, she is connected to everything that happens - she can feel the happiness, pain, fear, joy of those living in her home.

This is a reverse glass painting, 16x20". There is more silver and gold than is shown in the painting. Tiny silver sardines gleam and surround her as she speaks to a butterfly angel fish.
Moon jelly fish float overhead and a ray glides off into the distance. Golden sea turtles slip through the colorful coral with their entourage of tiny yellow angelfish.
I Never get tired of looking at this painting.

Crafty Chica Day Of The Dead Faux Pastries

Sending this because I DO love mexican pastries!! This has been the year of the doughnut for me which is why I no longer fit in my size 4 jeans :~(
But this Might save me - or not... part of the appeal of the doughnuts is their apperarnce, so cheerful behind their glass case. Anyway, this made me laugh and maybe I will make one or two in mosaic or 3-D. I like using paper mache' clay but this is a cheap alternative that also works well.
Yeah, peace, love, and glitter! LOL Over and out!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Friends Forever - BFF

I love the friendships that dogs form not only with each other, but with others. It is a privilege to be in their circle of friends. This 24" x 30" acrylic painting is of two inseparable friends. their joy bounces off the canvas.
My Risa is still as playful as ever at almost 11 years old. Animals have so much to teach us when we listen!

This is the progress of the painting so far. I like to play with underpanting so the color peeks thru. This one in a series called BFF. I like to work in series or sets to thoroughly explore a subject.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Gonna Get Over You

Here is a fun little video. Dancing in a mexican grocery store. I liked it even if the dancing was a little cheesy, it was a fun, light hearted way to start the day courtesy of Crafty Chica Cathy Murillo. For everyone out there who wants to laugh at a break up instead of cry and feel sorry for themselves! (pity parties are o.k. too as long as you have your friends with you :~)