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Friday, October 30, 2009

Kit Fox

Here is a secretive little kit fox peaking out from a mesquite - finished! She is part of my Starry Night series for the upcoming shows. A small piece 9" x 12".  These little foxes have adapted well to urban life as it has encroached on their environment. Being mostly nocturnal they  can be seen scavenging around trash cans, yards etc. It's amazing the way  much of the wildlife has adapted in spite of the often thoughtless human society. Birds, bats, coyotes, squirrels, raptors, bobcats etc. can be seen everywhere. 

New Cards

Well they have arrived - my new postcards! Three designs to sell at the show and one for promotional.
They are 4" x 6" and look so nice! Glossy, heavy card stock. Can't wait to start sending them out!!
I have chosen San Pascual, Virgin De Guadalupe and Persian Angel Gabriel as my designs for sale since they are some of my favorites. 
Here is the Virgin. The other two can be seen in my galleries in the Glass Painting albums!
I scanned the front and back of the promotional one.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Best Girl Risa

Here is my best girl and Muse - my 24/7 Aussie companion Risa. 
Her cheerful, patient, very intelligent personality and     companionship is one of the reasons I am so grateful that my business keeps me in the studio at home. She is my cheerleader and keeps me on track!  My very  own Dog Star (Sirus).
In the winter when the weather is cooler she comes everywhere with me - she is a fabulous public relations making friends wherever she goes. Her beauty and sweet personality draws the public to her like a magnet. I am the sidekick!
Here she is asking "is it snack time yet??!" (anytime is a good snacktime) and hanging out in "the pit" - a plain dirt work and play area. She loves to lay and sun in the dirt - especially after grooming or cleaning!
Risa will have her own blog or little site very soon - "assoonas" I can make time, get time, get it together, etc..

Friday, October 23, 2009

New mini glass works

New works are smaller for the upcoming shows. Mirror mixed media mosaics and tiny jewel colored 1" glass pins and pendants as well as the framed glass paintings.
My other series I like to refer to as SOL (Smiling Out Loud) pieces are dreamlike images inspired by St. Francis, Madonnas, angels, folktales, proverbs, love, and dogs (love dogs!). Vibrant jewel tone color palett combines with wildlife and the SOL pieces. A direction my work has moved toward since 2005.
Featured in several of my pieces is my k9 Aussie companion Risa. 
The glass paintings glow with color and gold metallic highlights in both series. It's fun to toggle/play between them for endless design combinations!
 The light shines thru the sides in the glass pins highlighting the glitter in them. I have always wanted to make a few of these - they are so cute and colorful to wear! Just had to finally make some :~)
 Currently on the easel is a shy, mysterious, lovely Kit Fox.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Did I mention I am a Stephanie Myer fan?  Actually I have listened to all of the books while I paint or work. So much of my work is connected with stories or music and that is how I remember the pieces for a while. Found the book Twilight Directors Notebook and of course read it right away. It is always fun to read other creative processes and I always find many similarities. Like belonging to a tribe that  sees the world thru different eyes and responds to problem solving differently and often very unconventional.
I have many visual journals similar to this Twilight notebook which is why it resonated with me. 
Have added a link to the official Stephanie Myer site where there is a pic of the little book.
The next movie New Moon comes out in Nov. - yeay!

Still working like crazy to prepare for two Nov. art shows on the same  days. One is an art fair and the other is a gallery show. Plus I have work at the Tucson Airport. Will have to pull some pieces on loan for these other shows. All are nice opportunities that I am so grateful for. They just are all happening at the same time! 
Better get back to painting! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Art & Romance

Working hard to finish as many pieces as I can for the holiday season and have been literally living in a bubble of painting, cutting glass, and listening to audio romance books. Yes, I have become addicted to them and the time goes by so fast - I feel so creatively productive! Not just any romance, but paranormal romance and I even joined an online book club thru Shelfari called Paranormal Romance is my Brand of Heroine. 
Though I have always liked fantasy and sci fi it never occurred to me to even look for this genre and I stumbled onto it thru another blog.
Anyway, I am so hooked and it must be good for me because I am producing some nice pieces. 
Yesterday I quite for the evening and when I turned the TV on there was one of my favorite movies - The Lake House. I think this is the 5th time I've watched it and still enjoy the very end where Sandra Bullock and Keanu Finally get together ... Sigh!