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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Panda Play - Overglaze on repurposed porcelain plate
Sweet Dreams - Overglaze on repurposed porcelain plate
Two more paintings on repurposed plates I found hunting at a thrift store.  It is really interesting as I learn the possibilities of painting with overglazes on finished porcelain ware.  A whole world of ideas has been opened!
Most of the focus will be on endangered animals. The porcelain ware will be varied.  Repurposed or new, each is hand painted with no two alike - no mass productions here!
Originally started as a concept for cookie plates, the project has taken on a life of it's own and moved toward my beloved wildlife, animals, dogs, botanical subjects.

My friend Carol Hedgedus from Handmade Tile Studio has empowered me to pursue this interest by loaning me paints, her super helpful book China Paint And Overglaze by Paul Lewing, and giving me an older kiln. I am forever grateful to her for her generosity.

The kiln will not be ready for some time due to a bit of electrical work, so meanwhile I am looking for local sources to fire my plates and tiles.

Sweet Dreams and Panda Play will be available as limited editions thru my Etsy cookie store MoonLight Cookie Art. 
Enclosed with every Wildlife plate will be a few facts on each subject and a portion of the proceeds is donated to World Wildlife Fund and Nature Conservancy - two of my favorite educational charities!

While there is quite a bit of information on Pandas and Polar Bears, below are a few facts I have learned from a book I recommend The Great White Bear by Kieran Mulvaney.

Did you know:

• Polar bear fur is not really white. The fur is colorless and absorbs the colors of surroundings.
• Pandas have only one baby born about 5 inches long.
• Many male bears will kill the cubs if given the chance.
• Pandas diet consists almost entirely of bamboo, unlike most bears.

More will be added to this list as I learn about these endangered, beautiful animals.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dogster Art "Pics We Love"

Yay! My work has been featured in the national magazine Dogster.
http://www.dogster.com/the-scoop/sue-betanzos-dog-art-public  Check it out, it's a fun magazine for dog lovers and their mate Catsers is for kitty lovers. There is a link for it on the page :~)

They showed my acrylics and mosaics below including a few of sweet Risa, my 24/7 K9 companion.
I am excited and honored by this and most of these are available on my website, just click on the purple title to visit the art link.

Betsy - acrylic on canvas

Olivia - acrylic on canvas

Risa Belly Rubs - acrylic on canvas board

Risa Stargazer - mosaic, reverse glass painting

Risa in Yellow - mosaic, reverse glass painting