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* Nov. 1 - 30, 2019 new solo show WILD REFLECTIONS

* Nov. 17, 2 - 3 pm Wild Reflections Art Talk
At the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library
I will talk about my techniques and inspiration and show some of my source material for creating this exhibition.

Bring your family and friends to view new Wildlife Art, and if you love books and reading, as I do, grab a great read too!

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spotted Owl Ink

Playing with ink washes on a Spotted Owl. I'm drawn the the owls with the dark eyes. North american  Barn Owls and Barred Owls also have dark eyes.

There is the Mexican Spotted Owl and the northwest Spotted Owl. Shy, secretive, beautiful birds.

India ink is Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star Matt. Cotman round brush number 01, 02 and Micron 01 pen. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Has this ever happened to you?

You have a project you've been working on Way too many hours, trying a new technique.
It's about 11 pm, 95% finished and you're saying to yourself "at last - I'm almost finished - Yay!"
The anticipation, excitement of seeing it completed.

Then a small big setback ...
My studio day is off to a fine start.
Funny thing is last night I was moving this project board to make more room for glass cutting - red glass to finish the border.
This morning the board was bumped and fell over - face first of course.
Cleaning up now and deciding how to make the best of this.  At least the dog glass stayed put :)
Too bad no pics were taken last night to review the "almost" and "so close" Ha ha!