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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well Hello There!

Hello out there! Seems like time is flying by way too fast. Lately I average about 5 hours of sleep, but feel pretty good. Must be because I am so excited about my new cookie store MoonLight Cookie Art, the new article of my work in Tucson Lifestyle this May - the BEST birthday present ever - and planning for a nice road trip.
The article in Tucson Lifestyle lists this blog site here instead of my main website due to a slight mix up, so here is a flyer with my main web address and work samples - I will post a few times over next month.

Click to enlarge full size
Still working on a mosaic that I love and will have finished in a week. Also now that Easter is over Mother's Day is coming up and I will have to set cutoffs for orders for cookies. I was swamped for Easter - this time I will have more control. Also working on a small mural project that, is due at the end of this month! But I wouldn't have it any other way - I love working in different media and ideas always flow!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Momma Told Me: Tasty Tuesday: MoonLight Cookies Custom Cookie Art...

Here is my first cookie review by Jenna Wood of Momma Told Me blog.

She is raffling a MoonLight Cookie and has written a super review on my cookies! I am so excited that this will bring traffic to my sites. Check out the review here:

Momma Told Me: Tasty Tuesday: MoonLight Cookies Custom Cookie Art...: Momma Told Me: It's just a cookie, eat it! I still recall the first time I discovered food that was as conceptually valid as art, as it ...

Turquoise Jack

Thoughts of blue ponies and Turquoise Jack rabbits are part of my little fantasy world where nothing is ever as it seems. As a devoted sci-fi and fantasy reader my mind loves to curl itself around alternate realities, places and beings that challenge our four cornered perceptions of reality.
Some of my reads: The Night Circus, Charles De Lint's The Onion Girl (actually all of his books!), The Greywalker Series by Kat Richardson, the juicy exciting Black Daggerhood series by J.R. Ward, Stephanie Myer's The Host.
Charles de Lint stories are wonderful where realities exist side by side, like layers of an onion. His stories are the inspiration for my turquoise Jack which will be a Jackalope when finished.
Right now it's serving as a key holder!