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Monday, March 11, 2019

2019 So Far and Wild Angels

Dearest artist friends,
It's been so busy that I am just now dusting off the cobwebs on this blog. So much has happened that I am listing it here - to remind myself because time tends to slip from one deadline to the next on the calendar. This is a visual journal to myself too!

A quick side note: did you know... 2019 is the Year Of the Boar - my year - woo-hoo! Also the year of a big birthday for me so I feel like "something good is just about to happen" every day :)

A huge thank you to those who attended and purchased work at my Reflections of Nature show that closed Feb. 14. Seems like last week! It was a smashing success and such a wonderful experience, meeting the loveliest visitors at the gallery each weekend as artist in residence.

I am forever grateful to everyone who has supported me so that I can continue my creative journey and make my living as an artist.
Prints of the artwork are available by contacting me HERE.

Congratulations to those who now own an original artwork that speaks to their creative soul every day. Below are a few of the artworks that have new homes and the new 2019 awards

As to the rest of the success; I was the featured artist profile for January and February for the art publication Tucson Happenings.com.
My colored pencil portrait of Olivia was selected for publication in the April's Ann Kullberg's  Hidden Treasures  Vol. 6 magazine. I am honored to be in the very talented company of fellow colored pencil artists. My little Screech Owl, Whoo Me?, is in Ann Kullberg's Hidden Treasures Vol. 3.

And (*ching ;~)  I have been invited for a new solo show at a favorite place Kirk Bear Canyon Library this November.  Yay! It will be another multi-media show that features work in colored pencil, glass painting, glass mosaic. The title for the show Wild Angels, came to me in the early fuzzy hours between sleep and awake, the way most of my ideas do.

This new show will also be a fund raiser for animal rescues, both wild and domestic (hence the "Wild Angels" of my heart).
Throughout the month of November I will host a new fundraising event each weekend at the Library, demonstrating one of my art techniques. Donations to featured rescues will be posted.
Can't wait to get started now in the cool of March here in Tucson before it's blazing hot.

Now, on to a small mosaic memorial sign I am designing for a friend as well as a new glass painting with one of my favorite subjects :)

TucsonHappenings.com, January Artist Profile, 2019, from the St. Francis series

TucsonHappenings.com, Quail Whimsey, colored pencil, February 2019 Artist Profile


Olivia, colored pencil selection for April 2019 Ann Kullberg's Hidden Treasures Vol. 6

Barn Owl Neighbor, colored pencil for Reflections of Nature Exhibit

Dream of the Sea, reverse glass painting 20" round, Reflections of Nature Exhibit

Seal Curiosity, reverse glass painting, Reflections of Nature exhibit

Goldfinch Hello, glass mosaic, Reflections of Nature exhibit

Barn Owl Love, colored pencil for Reflections of Nature exhibit (a favorite!!)

Bat Night Magic, reverse glass painting, Reflections of Nature exhibit

Blue Coyote, acrylic on paper, Reflections of Nature exhibit