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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Little Visitor Reverse Glass Painting

Reverse glass painting of a Verdin in a Mexican Bird of Paradise for my solo show Wild Reflections this November.
11" x 14" painted on the backside of the glass, backwards, using glass enamel paints.

Hints of gold softly gleam in the painting, just enough to add magic and interest when viewed in certain light angles.

This tiny bird is one of my favorites along with hummingbirds. Verdin are often hidden in dense shrubs and trees, but you can hear their calls. They are a soft warm grey with rust shoulder spots. The males have yellow heads which are brighter in the spring breeding season. (They are about the size of the Lucy's Warblers for you bird enthusiasts out there).
Can you tell I enjoy bird watching?

Somehow, I will finish this painting in time for the Oct. 31 installation at the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library. Just one week to go - at the finish line!

Little Visitor reverse glass painting by Sue Betanzos.com

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Marigold Desert Jackrabbit

Reverse glass painting of a desert hare for my new solo show Wild Reflections. The painting is done on the backside of the glass - backwards. The painted panel is then inserted into a shadow box frame.
It is available along with additional new work in the Wild Reflections Gallery HERE

Wild Reflections exhibit 11/2019 by Sue Betanzos 

Marigold Desert Jackrabbit reverse glass painting 11"x14" available HERE

I have been wanting to do this painting and have envisioned it for months. Now it is finished, as a saw it in my mind.
The painting is done with glass enamel paints in the the reverse glass painting technique, painted backwards on the backside of the glass.

Gold metallic paint was painted on the back to softly gleam through the hare's coat by intentionally leaving areas thin or unpainted to let the gold peak in a few areas. Glass is difficult to photograph, so I usually take my paintings to a local photographer, Wilson Graham for the best photos.

This photo was taken by me and does not do it justice. Later I will get a professional photo done that shows the gold highlights.

The painting is also used for one of the announcements as you can see!
It can be viewed in person at the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library Nov. 1-30.

Hares are such distinctive creatures with their beautiful long ears, large amber eyes. They are featured in many folktales and are connected to the moon.

This is a desert Antelope Jackrabbit with black tipped ears.
Gold metallic softly gleams through the coat which is why I call her MariGold. :)