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at the Tucson International Airport, Lounge on the lower level west end by the car rental.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ghost Dog

When paintings & mosaics are in the ugly duckling stages that is one of the comments made; "it'll be nice to see the ghosts filled in". Usually dog, cat, bird etc.
Painting from back to front, the layers are added on top then progressively glazed to bring forward or push back areas.

So here are a couple of pics of a current portrait in progress.
Companions Lucky the dog and Mishka the kitty.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tucson Airport Mural Repair - Finished

Back at the Tucson International Airport for the repair/replacement of a stolen scorpion.
A new creepy bug is in place. Here's the progress of that.  It was nice to see them again with a fresh eye and appreciate their uniqueness. Plus I got nicer photos of the other mosaic murals.
Here are the murals on the west end, welcome lounge B.

Area prepped.

Bug is attached to piece of stained glass. Epoxy ready to apply to the back (Gorilla 2 part epoxy).

Piece is attached. Paper pad added to the front to prevent sticking & add pressure in the center for even distribution. Little stones added to the bottom side for stability and decorative appeal.

Waiting for epoxy to set. Killing time at the airport... tick, tock...

Fast forward 1 hour. Ready to grout.

Taped and grouted with same black grout. It will probably not match exactly due to previous aged grout. But it should blend.

Finished repair with new bug and decorative stones. Ringtail cat on night blooming cactus in a starry night with meteor showers. Fossils, gem stones, stained glass, reverse glass painting, mirror and Scorpion! The Ringtail Cat is Arizona's state mammal, nocturnal, super cute in person.

Men's side with the repair. Tiny bat that I wish I had painted a mural background. He looks lonely over the water fountain!

Both mosaic murals at the west end of the baggage level. On the left and the right as people come down the stairs to collect baggage at welcome lounge B.

The women's mosaic mural at the west end baggage level. The center of that Agave is a large amethyst crystal and there are lots of little details such as fossils, gem stones, mirror, stained glass, hummingbird glass painting above, bugs, the real feather suspended under glass.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mural Repair at the airport

Did I mention one of the murals at Tucson International Airport was vandalized? Someone stole the scorpion (pried it off) the mural at the west end. It will be replaced this Monday with a new creepy bug.
Why would someone do that when they can go to Amazon or ebay and get one? Who knows. This one will have a different adhesive, see how long it lasts.
Oh, this bug was "farm raised" - picture that!

New scorpion replacement

Damage, missing bug.

Mural Before damage. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

St. Francis with Wildlife

I read all the time how post titles are supposed to have catchy lead titles to lure readers in, but no fluff here :)
Just a new little reverse glass painting of St. Francis of Assisi who travels (why not?) and hangs out with different animals, loved companions.
Here he is in a magical garden with a mexican wolf, quail, tortoise, hare and three tiny mice! Plus he decided to wear the hood for a slightly different look. The finished glass painting will be inserted into a wood frame that can be used as a scarf, coat, leash hanger.

More pics soon!

The back side of the glass that is being painted onto in reverse.

The front side of the glass that is viewed.