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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heart Song

Years ago in high school I remember
a teacher saying "don't die with your music still inside you." Of course we all were like "what is he talking about?" Well years later the phrase stuck with me and often chased away doubts of pursuing art as my day job. Funny but to this day I always associate it with song birds, birds in general.
Like one of those fortune cookie tapes that say something like "sing badly if you must, but SING."
Song birds will feature in some of my new pieces and this is the first. Cabinet door frames and tempered glass put them in my 'recycled green' series.
Working in series helps keep focus on a particular subject matter and is the way my brain seems to flow. I have one more in the Abstract series in progress, with two more designed for a total of five for the five seasons in Tucson - spring, summer, winter, fall, monsoon. Finished spring and fall, summer in progress here. It is called Heart Fire - Summer Passion. Mixed media of reds, oranges, yellows on a recycled cabinet door. It will be rich and passionate with color and movement. Plus it will be more 3-D , a bit sculptural. Can't wait to start!!
The November show will have a lot of new work that I am eager to show because it has been such a fun learning process to do them. Art is the heart that beats inside me.
** On Another Note: This summer has been very challenging for my mom health wise and now she is having surgery for cancer so I will go immediately to be with my family. Did not realize how stressed I have been until today when the veneer cracked as I told someone "my mom has cancer and she is in surgery right now." Suddenly I was trying so hard to keep from having a small meltdown and had a teeny one anyway. I hate it when that happens - how embarrassing!! And I imagined myself to be one of those cool, calm, self composed individuals - Ha! Meanwhile my mom is the one suffering through everything and she is the cool one, so strong - what a champ!
Aaanyway, enough boo - hooing - enjoy my works in progress (WIP's for short).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring Dance

Here are the finished pieces as I continue exploring the possibilities with tempered glass. In the new abstract series my work explores the mystery and magic of nature. The literature series is all about my passion for literature. This summer I developed an addiction for audio books. The studio can be isolating and listening to stories is easy. Some of the pieces are influenced by What I am listening to and I remember them by books and the feelings I had while making them.
My parents sent me flowers! They are beautiful and I keep them right where they inspire me at my work table - I am so blessed!