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* Nov. 1 - 30, 2019 new solo show WILD REFLECTIONS

* Nov. 17, 2 - 3 pm Wild Reflections Art Talk
At the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library
I will talk about my techniques and inspiration and show some of my source material for creating this exhibition.

Bring your family and friends to view new Wildlife Art, and if you love books and reading, as I do, grab a great read too!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Morning Walks

Every dawn is an opportunity for new experiences and choices.
I like finding the little pieces of nature. Feathers are the most common prizes along with sightings of amazing birds or scenes.

Inspiration for the Monarch Butterfly came from the subject of migration. It is truly amazing that these powerful fliers travel from the USA to Mexico for the winter. Now all Mexico has to do is keep the forest from being nibbled away, cut down...

Monarch Butterfly Mosaic on Stone 
On this mosaic I redid the antennae - used epoxy instead for a cleaner look :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Books, Snacks, Wine, Rainy Day

This little mosaic Ruby Throated Gem is part of a day three of the invitation art challenge.

Took the weekend off from cyber and studio. Had the guilty pleasure of just reading - hanging out with a new author/read and taking a micro vacay into the urban fantasy world of Patricia Briggs :)

I'm sure my version of heaven will include a giant library loaded with my favorite authors, genres, snack/wine/coffee bar and BFF Risa (of course)!
All in a nature type environment filled with birds, running stream, waterfall etc. - why not?

Except the wood frame, the hummingbird mosaic is suitable for outdoor or moisture.
Stained glass, mirror, chain -  un-grouted, adhered with Lexel silicon on wedi board.