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Friday, July 29, 2011

Olivia - Australian Shepherd

Olivia's charismatic photos were found while I was browsing Aussies on Flickr one evening. As soon as I saw those arresting eyes, that face, I knew I had to paint her. Who was she? Where was she?
I contacted the photographer and sadly, Olivia had passed away months ago. She was 11 and had contracted vestibular cancer.
The photographer graciously shared not only photos of Olivia, but a moving memorial slide show that had me sniffling.
My own aussie Risa is the companion I love to be with and spoil. Risa is now 10 1/2 and I am enjoying every golden day with her.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dog Sees Mom, Just Home From Afghanistan

Stuff like this always makes me mushy! "Nobody can tell me that dogs don't have souls. Any being who can cry like that from being reunited with a loved one has a soul."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Golden Retriever Niki has found her forever home - Yeay! It's so hard to see the wonderful dogs that deserve a great home and are in shelters because for some reason the owners do not/cannot keep them. Seniors going into a home cannot take their pets, the apartment pet deposit is too much for some, no room in the family, too old etc..
Spaying and neutering is a big answer, but so is thinking way ahead before people decide to get a pet because of all of the responsibilities that go with it.

O.k. I'm done - for now...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Sand Skin"

Woody. 8" x 10" acrylic on canvas.
The Shar Pei is an ancient Chinese breed and the name means Sand Skin which refers the the bristle like coat.
Loyal and protective, the Shar Pei is for personalities that are leaders as they have dominant personalities.
Like Chows, they have a blue black tongue and make wonderful companions when they are socialized early.
Love the background color the client chose!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take Control of Your Health Care

Speaking out on taking control of your health care by asking for all of the raw data and information in your charts. Watch this and recognize if you are/ have been or know of someone who has been at the mercy of our health care system then this 3 minute video will inform and help with websites and places to get support from other patients.

In January of 2011 my mom was diagnosed with an aggressive uterine cancer and underwent surgery and aggressive post cancer treatment involving chemo and radiation. The treatments were awful - very debilitating. Mom already had advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and had misdiagnosed medications a few years ago which damaged her liver and kidney. Her body/immune system was already so weak. The side affects - weakness, neurosis of the feet and hands - will remain indefinitely.

The lengthy, extreme post treatments did not guarantee total cure.
If mom had refused some or all of the treatment they said "it could come back". If she did all of the treatments they could not guarantee total cure - "it could come back." Health Care here is a business first. Doing all of the treatment means more insurance dollars. I did not hear of any suggestions or action for alternative treatments/medications.

As of today my mom can shuffle walk, has precarious balance, two wigs, a cane, and can only take Tylenol for her RA. She is 72.

I wish my parents had seen this video. Would it have changed their patient behavior? Maybe. They are old fashioned and believe the doctor is Always right, even though it has been pointed out that the family doctor they have had for decades has made some seriously poor decisions/calls. Change is not easy. Gets harder as we age, especially when health is compromised and fatigue is a constant companion. No energy left to protest or research.

But for those of us who are born fighters/Warriors/Rebels, we do not go quietly into the night. We have energy reserves of stubborn defiance. We are always asking Why and listen to our intuition and then ask MORE QUESTIONS. Behavior which governments and institutions such as our health care system find vastly annoying. They try to ignore us, give excuses, then tell us to Go Away. I am so glad there are individuals out there - Rebels - who will speak out and question traditional medicine and demand better answers and care. Patients taking control of their own lives/health.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sweet Lucy is a border collie. Done for a border collie rescue in acrylic on canvas panel.
Because Border Collies and most of the herding group of dogs are highly intelligent, high energy dogs they need owners who understand and work with their special needs.
These working dogs need J-O-B-S. Due to their high intelligence, they will become bored with the mundane and are not the couch potato types!
Before getting this breed people need to really look into what their energy level is. I Highly recommend a book called The Perfect Match by Walkowicz. Great help in choosing the right companion.