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Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Scout

A new piece I just finished last week. Still playing with technique of incorporating my reverse  glass painting with the mosaic and other media.  It has mirror bits and iridescent glass and glass gems. I have always loved  working with glass - it offers so many choices and textures. 

S.T.A.R Academic Academy

Viola! Done! The mirror makes it glitter from afar - even though can't see it in this photo.

S.T.A.R Academic Academy- students at work!

S.T.A.R Academic Academy - Installation

Pieces being attached to wall. Was put together in three pieces that were pre grouted on hardi backer board, then bolted onto wall, then finish grouted on edges. Colored grout was used for star, cactus and red birds :~). 

s.T.A.R Academic Academy - Installation

Ace installer Walter doing finish grouting around the edges. Birds were already pre grouted and done -ready to install. 
They turned out so cute I want to make some for myself! 

S.T.A.R. Academic Academy School sign

This was a great project at the  school S.T.A.R,  Academic Academy. A school that gives students the opportunity to get their high school degree. The students designed the piece, made the clay tiles which were then broken and used to make the mosaic. Once the work got going, glass gems, mirror and other tile were incorporated. the students and I put it all together.It turned out sparkly and can be seen very easily. 
It is welcoming for the students and parents and gives a sense of place. The dark line is where the grout has not dried yet at one of the joint seams.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here is a sample of reverse glass painting. It is from a series of hummingbirds for a contemporary piece.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Canto de Sonora

I like working in mixed media. Currently it's reverse glass painting with mosaic, mirror, gems, minerals and just about anything that feels 'right' for the piece. This one's called Canto de Sonora, or Song of Sonora. 
Coyote is a fascinating figure in folk tales and real life. He is often a feature in my work. this piece has the reverse glass painting in the center and a variety of media.
This piece was shown at the Tohono Chul Touch show in Tucson, AZ  It is free hanging, fun to touch with it's varied textures and the mirror sparkles.

San Diego Sea Turtle Picnic Table, Sea Port Village

Here is my art work in Sea Port Village, San Diego, CA.  A public art piece that was mixed media of mosaic and painting for the Port of San Diego. I t is a picnic table with the theme of the Green Sea Turtle titled El jardin del mar or Garden of the Sea. Features local marine life such as the endangered green sea turtle feeding in kelp with orange Garibaldi and other fish.