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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Postcards

Some mini Love notes for Valentines. My fun cookies, mosaics and my aussie muse, sweet Risa.
Meeting Risa:
My sister had purchased two aussie puppies, one for her family and one for me. A little boy and a little girl. When she let them in from playing in the yard the little male barreled thru the door past me and into the kitchen. The little girl ran thru the door and and straight into my arms. She "had me at hello". I knew she was coming home with me and she is the BEST gift I have ever received. Now, at 11 her body has slowed down even though she is still such a puppy at heart. She is the world to me and I have changed my lifestyle and work to be with her.
Aussies do not do well alone - they are a breed that needs to be with their human most of the time. the herding breeds are incredibly intelligent, active dogs.
AZ is having it's 100th birthday and I have the honor of exhibiting my mosaic Gila Dream at Tohono Chul Park.
And in this auspicious Year Of The Dragon I have taken a part time job making Moonlight Cookies!
Really fun to make and eat "~)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love Conquers All

Love really does conquer all. Love and respect for yourself first - who you are, what you do. Then you have love to give to others from a good, kind generous place. Piglet is so cute and I am going to write names and other sentiments like Siempre, Amore, U R ..., etc. Or the word love in different languages. Red little Kitty speaks for herself! I am enjoying baking these almost too much - they are addicting right now!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Purrrr! Happy Friday

Happy Friday - sending gratitude and love to all who have supported me!
Still baking and I realized this morning that the cookies are a way to de-stress. Another canvas that is a comfort.

Good News!

The good news is that there will be a sample of the mosaic tape sent by Maryland Mosaics to test the word area of the this project before going further. The concern is that the Tile tape must be sticky enough to lift the glass pieces from the contact paper.
The application method is called Double Reverse and the glass pieces are applied to a clear sticky surface face up. When ready to adhere to the board, a very sticky tape is applied to the surface of the mosaic to lift it From the contact paper, then the contact paper is peeled from the back.
Since this is a project that will be for an exterior site I will be using Laticrete concrete adhesive to attache the glass mosaic to the hardi board. A one shot deal, so I want to test what has been done so far. Nervous - a little. Excited? Very! This application method was just featured on the mosaic group CMA on a mural installation tutorial and I know it's time for me to learn this new method. When finished, this glass mosaic sign will have thousands of pieces. I have observed that it is convenient to have all of the pieces stay put instead of shifting and this method allows for easier changes. Thanks again to Maryland Mosaics for the sample. This project is a pro bono and the Rescue and Rehab Wildlife center runs on donations. I am donating the labor and did not have the finances to order a product that I was not sure would work.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

a pre-photo of new designs. All cookies are individually sealed right after baking and decorating for freshness. The sugar cookies have a shelf life of about a week or more, depending on how they are stored. The bunnies are so cute and the Piglet with a Heart will be decorated today. These are a blast to make!