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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Random Kindness :)

My digital diary/blog is where I journal. From artwork journeys and happy highs that I publish, to emotional oubliettes - unpublished. Writing helps me gain clarity, just by putting into words where my heart and head are at.

Happy moments are many, most of them very simple, small, like sparklers, to make me smile.
(Hummingbirds are my metaphors for this.)

Here is one from last night: 
I went to Michaels for art supplies about 7 pm. 
The Michaels cashier was super nice and gave me extra coupons when I told her the art materials were for a show this Nov.

On the way home I had a weird craving for an Icy - frozen blue syrup. I Almost never get these, but stopped by the AmPm.
Had my big insulated mug to use for it. The place was almost empty. I asked how much the frozen drinks were. The cashier said they were kind of expensive, just raised the prices. I asked if I could fill my mug, he said sure. It was about the size of a large. 

I filled it with the blue raspberry, my favorite. He called out the price, which I would have paid. When I finally filled it and got to the register he said the young man standing next to him had paid for it!  What?! Really? Open mouth in surprise.

The young man said, “it’s on me” with a kind smile. Wow, Thanks I blurted. I was so tired, bad frizzy hair, no make-up, very paint-scruffy, yet happy. 
We walked out and I said thank you a couple more times. He smiled, said “enjoy”, got in his Jeep and left. I got in my car humming “what a wonderful world”.

Two acts of random kindness from strangers :) I am so very grateful and will pay it forward at the next opportunity. Having done this with my cookies, I know how good it feels :)

Thank you for the Blue Raspberry Icy treat, whoever you are. It was a super nice, total surprise 🌺🌺

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