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Small Treasures Miniature Art By Sue Betanzos

Hey there friends,

Just letting you know what I've been up to in the studio. A new collection of small paintings and mosaics are available on my website. 

I've always enjoyed making these tiny masterpieces and now they have their own gallery.

Tiny Barn Owl Miniature Painting Link
Small Treasures Miniature Art by Sue Betanzos

The miniature artworks are usually under 10 inches.  I like the way small works invite a closer examination of details.

As a multimedia artist I find each medium informs the other and I enjoy the process of creating.

I tend work in series which are then put into collections based on media, theme or both. 

When an idea takes hold, like a seed it grows in my sketchbooks that then turn into artworks.

🌀 The Small Treasures collection includes Mosaic Spirals of Life on stone and miniature wildlife paintings.

Spirals are one of the ancient and universal symbols found in all cultures around the world.

Mosaic mirror on Stone. A spiral of mirror with a Hematite heart at the center.  By artist Sue Betanzos.com
Mosaic Mirror Spiral of Life on Stone by Sue Betanzos.com.  

They can be found in nature, art, architecture and religion. Spirals represent growth, change, evolution and progress. 

The spiral of life can be thought of as a metaphor for the never-ending cycle of growth and change that describes the journey that each of us takes as we move through life.

There is a quote I return to for inspiration by Douglas Wood: 

“The farthest journey has but one destination; Your True Self.” 

Mosaic on stone by Sue Betanzos.com. Glass beads repeat a spiral of I LOVE YOU in Morse code.
Mosaic Spiral of Life with I LOVE YOU
in morse code on stone by Sue Betanzos.com

Every day brings new experiences and challenges, which help us to grow and learn about ourselves. 

As we face these challenges, we also have the opportunity to choose how we respond to them.

We have the power to create our own destinies through the choices that we make Every Day.

This is the message of the Mosaic Spirals of Life series; to remind ourselves that change is constant and You Got This, Keep Going!

A book I liked and recommend on this is Michelle Obama's The Light We Carry.

Celtic Spiral Glass Mosaic on Stone by SueBetanzos.com

Some will have a secrete, personal message in Morse Code (an element I've used in past projects). Or even an astrological star sign - just playing with new ideas! 

🦋 The smaller mosaics and wildlife paintings have their own Miniatures gallery.

Paintings of Migratory Monarchs, birds and more are painted on birch wood hearts with gold embellishments that softly gleam. 

More tiny masterpieces are on the way with new glass miniature paintings!

Miniature Quail painting with a gold circle background on a birch wood heart. At Sue Betanzos.com https://suebetanzos.com/artwork/4808981-Golden%20Quail%20Heart%20Miniature%20Painting.html
Golden Quail Heart Miniature Painting by Sue Betanzos.com  

Monarch Butterflies are currently endangered and need our help.  5% of all Monarch butterfly painting purchases are donated to Xerces Society and Save Our Monarchs.

Monarch butterfly miniature painting on a birch wood heart with gold edging.
Monarch Butterfly Miniature Painting by Sue Betanzos.com

This small golden heart painting is from the beloved fairy tale The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery. 

Miniature fox painting from The Little Prince. Painted on a birch wood heart with the wise fox, silver stars and a special tiny red rose on a gold background.
Tiny Fox from The Little Prince by Sue Betanzos

It is a very famous quote from the book; "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

The style belongs to my whimsical collection and this tiny fox is included in many of my custom St. Francis pet portrait paintings. 

Painted on a birch wood heart with the wise fox, silver star and a special tiny red rose on a gold background. That is an American quarter on the right for size reference.

For me, the quote perfectly describes the relationships between people and their furry companions (and each other!). 

The collection of small artworks will be growing and I’ll post them on my Instagram,  FB and on my website. Stickers and Labels are also being designed.

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