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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Free photo sites for artists and designers

My Tuesday Tip: Free reference photos for artists!

These days it's pretty easy to get good quality resource photos For Free or a very low cost.
The photos are usually used to either paint from for artists or design with for graphics.

Which means there is no excuse to steal photos off the web. Two words: Copyright. Infringement.

Above: Screen shot of Wildlife Reference Photos site.

Below is a list of free stock photo sites (except one very reasonable one). There are many free sites , but these seem to be the most popular for quality photos at hi resolution options to download safely without virus issues.

Pixabay: probably the most popular free share site.


Unsplash.com: another very popular free stock photo site.


Wildlife reference Photos : excellent quality photos. Only 5.00 an image.

• Photos for Artists FB Group: a closed group on Facebook that you apply to.

There are many stock photo sites. Professional photographers will sometimes charge higher fees, depending on their reputation. For example, a photographer for National Geographic or other high profile media is going to have a higher fee than a hobby photographer.

By professionals I mean those that make their living from their photography art vs those that like to take lots of photos.
You will often find what you need in both and if the photos are what you want, always ask if you can use them.

Prices range from free to 40.00 to 80.00 on up. Again, depending on the reputation of the photographer.

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