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Friday, June 22, 2012

Half Way There

Almost there. Still have to do the touchy part of  applying clear tile tape to the face, Carefully lift it off, turn it over, Carefully peal off the sticky paper it is on, then Very Carefully apply it to the round substrate that will be prepped with cement thinset.
It's a one shot deal from the time tile tape is applied to the face to the actual finishing. 
This technique is called the Double Reverse application method in mosaics and can be very touchy. I am both nervous and excited - I love challenging techniques.
I chose this method after reading about it in Sonia King's Mosaic Techniques and Traditions and Sandra & Carl Bryant of Showcase Mosaics use this method exclusively for all their public art installations. Their work is beautiful.
They also work in stained glass mosaics and after reading a forum on their technique I decided to use it for this project because of the extreme complexity of design and shading. 
It sure would be nice to have them here for tips - but here I go!
(the black piece of glass by the ear is for lettering, not part of the design)

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Christine said...

I like your blog. I belong to a card making group in here in Tucson. But my favorite is mosaics. Is there a mosaic group in town that meets monthly? Thanks
Christine. email: cjd85746@gmail.com