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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mosaic Art Addiction

O.k. I am so addicted to the whole Flickr mosaic artist sites and connecting with other artists! That's what comes of too much studio time. It has been such a blast looking and getting jazzed by all the different styles, colors, projects etc. that I am designing Right Now!
Here is teeny, tiny sample. The first is a heart by Lin Schorr for a community mosaic project and the second is by Lori Desormeaux called Latte Heart Valentine. The links enclosed will take you to a favorite blog that features these mosaics on the first and second pages plus Lin's site. I liked Lin's community mosaics with their themes and now I want to do one too. I posted all of my work and links and got a lot of response :~) The combination of the glass painting and mosaic is not mainstream, so people are asking how I do it. Will post some progress picks soon.


Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Beautiful mosiacs Sue! Love the heart. How long did that take to do and what is the size? Lesley

Sue Betanzos said...

Hi Lesley, I just read your comment had edited the post. I did not do these :~( I loved these mosaics too and wanted to share with everyone. I have listed the artists and tried to put links to the sites for more eye candy!
Apologize to everyone for the misinformation!