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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Power of LOVE Positivity

I wanted to share a part of Kathy the Crafty Chica's post about The Power of Positivity because it is So True! 

Kathy: Last month when I was at iLoveToCreate headquarters, I noticed happy signs hung up all over the building. This one is my favorite! "LOVE SHINE"   Every time I walked by it, I smiled. Even if I just spilled paint on my new $50 blouse, I'd glance at this message and was reminded me of the good things in life.

I know, I know, it is just a piece of cardboard with a corny saying, but it works for me. I'm not sure who chose to hang up these colorful affirmations, but it's genius. The more we surround ourselves with words and images of things that make us happy, the more the bad things won't seem, well, as bad.

It goes even deeper than the sign. It goes with every action we make, every inflection of our voice, the vibe we carry when we enter a room, even down to our status updates on Facebook or Twitter. Our actions can change people's moods in an instant. We carry a lot of power with how we present ourselves.

If you are in a frumpy mood because you stubbed your toe on the dog dish one morning, and then stomp past the desk guard on your way into work, you have just passed that bad juju on to him and he will pass it to someone else, etc. It's hard to shake the bad stuff, but I've learned if you don't shake it off and let it go, you'll only attract more of it!

Bottom line? Life goes on. Unless you are the President, NOTHING is worth losing sleep or peace over. When I lived at home with my parents and would come to them with what I thought was a life or death situation, they would always tell me, "Be thankful, it could always be worse."

In this day and age, everything is at a make-or-break moment for all of us. It takes all our will - and 100% enthusiasm and faith - to be that little bit of extra weight to tips the scales in our favor. After a recent stressful week, I found my happy place again. Instead of worrying, I'm back to embracing all the gifts each challenge brings, appreciating each lesson. It is what it is - make it work! The glitter jar is always half full. OK, sometimes 1/4 full, but as long as there is some kind of visible sparkle, everything will always work out.

The power of positivity is endless!

Me Again! While creating all of the pieces for the art show at the gardens I found myself listening to audio books in the paranormal romance genre and just romance. I don't know why -  but they entertained me with their humor, passion, adventure and of course, LOVE - AMOR. 
 I found myself laughing or going "wow" in the late evenings and it jazzed a 'painting passion' so that hours drifted by. During the last month or so TV was not even an option and it was not missed. The stories fueled my creative imagination and time took on a surreal  sort of Einstein quality. My earlier post on Art and Romance was alluding to this feel. It was such a  positive, energizing experience that I am working to keep the momentum going.
There are three pieces in particular that give me such good energy that I keep them right by the drafting and computer tables. The little fruit bat, the kit fox and the red tailed hawk.The  Energy of Positivity is powerful - discover and surround yourself with whatever it takes to work your special creative mojo and then - Just Do It!

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