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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Libraries are the coolest places

Yes! I can spend hours in libraries and bookstores - they have always been some of my favorite hangouts. I buy the really good books to read again, just so I can revisit them, like an old friend. 
Some good book related stuff and quotes can be found on my Pinterest board HERE.

This image is from a recent post on my facebook from another book lover, Kate Titus. Lots of comments from fellow book lovers that are versions of "I love my library!" and "I love books!" Lots of people use libraries - :)
(and I don't know why the type background is weirding out - apologies!).

I love my local library, Pima County Library.
It's nice to cruise the shelves for favorite authors or new finds. Often, a title or cover will catch my eye. Audio books are what I use to paint by - every artwork has a story! (more about that in another post).

There is a book that I came across called The World's Most Beautiful Libraries. 
It was filled with magnificent buildings that housed amazing collections, filled with murals, artworks and more. 

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