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Monday, September 29, 2014

Mosaic Flower Garden Project

Here's a flower garden you can have all year! Butterflies and bright flowers will be a great project this winter after the holidays are over.
Yep, sound like I'm planning Way Ahead but trust me, fast forward to rain, snow, cozy indoor activities and hot drinks after the tinsel and paper craze has passed. How nice create something really cool on those long winter evenings.

Why mention this? Because there could be kits available for this mosaic as well as classes.

The class project at diMosaico will run for three Tuesday evenings, 6 pm - 8:45 pm.  Students are expected to work on their projects in between class meetings in order to finish their projects.
The mosaic flower squares can also be done as individual projects, perfect for a box lid.

To make the most of class time, use the colors chosen on the color flower drawing. This way glass cutting can begin, learning how to use the tools, materials.
Don't worry about creating a masterpiece right away. The purpose of the classes are to learn new skills and sharpen them through consistent practice.

If you were just learning how to play an instrument, no one would expect you to play in an orchestra concert the next week - right?  Patience and practice, practice, practice.  :)

Mosaic 9 Square Flower Garden work in progress - SueBetanzos.com

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