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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mastering Inking Skillshare Class

One of the Current classes I am in: Mastering Inking with Yuko Shimizu.

She is an amazing illustrator and I'm having fun revisiting/learning inking again.
Yes, I will submit my class projects in her contest! (you will read about it in the class description link).

First pen and ink of fawn with Micron pens instead of brushes. Next ones will play with brushes.
Pens offered soft, fine blends. (Scan is from a laser copy so kind of rough)
Fawn Ink Drawing - Sue Betanzos " A year from now you may wish you had started today." ~ Karen Lamb

One of my very favorite ♥ treats to myself ♥ this summer is enrolling in the Skillshare Classes site.
Technology is a beautiful thing since it allows access to Anything you want to learn. For those of us who can't dash off to attend workshops, these online classes are a wonderful gift.

Skillshare is a site where one can take a wide variety of online classes. There are many online class sites and I chose this site because it had instructors I admired and knew I would benefit from.
Plus it is well within my budget and there is unlimited access to the classes you take.

Tons of free stuff also on Youtube, so between the two I get to "go to class" every morning starting at 5 am when I am mentally at my sharpest via a giant Cup O' Joe :)

Want to expand your skills or learn new ones? Then check out budget friendly Skillshare  - do some window shopping :) for your brain.

Screenshot of the Ink Contest from Yuko's class:
Work that shows the important artist questions; "Who you are, What you want to express, Effort you have put into your work"

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