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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I "Heart" Cookies

Today I went to my friend Carol's house and as usual fell through the time worm hole. No matter my intentions on time management, as soon as I step through her front door Fwwwwp **Zap*'! hours pass like minutes. 

I had contacted Carol about painting on porcelain plates since she is a ceramic guru. Inspired by artwork I had seen on Etsy, I wanted to do a few plates as a complement to my cookies. Cookies on a plate with possible mug for a 'cookies and milk' offering that I will list in special section.
It was very experimental and fun. She is such good hostess, with lots of very cool, exotic teas. I had an ice tea of lemon, berry and something else. It was delicious!

Oil painting is a medium I have not tried until today. No reason, just never got around to it. This plate was done with ceramic oil paints so until it is fired, it never dries. I came home with two more plates to play with and the materials to do them with - wow! The cool part is since my paintings are fired, they will be dishwasher safe - unlike some of the artists who use paints that are not permanent or dishwasher safe. 

Tomorrow after my meeting I will do the other two plates and order some materials.  Since animals are my strong suite I will do more of my animals eating - Cookies'! Also some with quotes I like. I am already excited because these are more cost effective than my beloved mosaics and super fun. I want to keep them simple, black and white with a punch of color. I can already see raccoons, birds, otters, panda, dogs. Maybe even a mermaid or other fantasy since I love fantasy and the magical.

Meanwhile isn't this a cute Panda cookie plate?! Stay tuned for new works in art, cookies and life.

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