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Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays, Avatar, glass Pins and Mosaics

Hello again! Been out of touch but now that the holiday haze is winding down there is much to tell. Time sped by in a blur. Christmas was spent with my family and so special. for New Years Eve a friend and I went to see the new movie Avatar in 3-D and it was Great! Had a fabulous, beautiful dinner prepared by my very talented gourmet friend, a very cool movie and then some bubbly to drink in 2010 complete with wacky 2010 glasses, sparkly hat and flashing champaign glasses. A perfect evening!
The little glass pins and pendants are a hit and had a few mini mosaic commissions. The Risa mosaics are charming dog lovers and enclosed is one of the commissions for another Aussie with a Risa pose. Risa Star Gazer sold twice! Poses can be repeated, but never duplicated so each little mosaic turns out unique with turquoise gem pieces.
Mantra for 2010 - Live What You Love.

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