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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Did I mention I am a Stephanie Myer fan?  Actually I have listened to all of the books while I paint or work. So much of my work is connected with stories or music and that is how I remember the pieces for a while. Found the book Twilight Directors Notebook and of course read it right away. It is always fun to read other creative processes and I always find many similarities. Like belonging to a tribe that  sees the world thru different eyes and responds to problem solving differently and often very unconventional.
I have many visual journals similar to this Twilight notebook which is why it resonated with me. 
Have added a link to the official Stephanie Myer site where there is a pic of the little book.
The next movie New Moon comes out in Nov. - yeay!

Still working like crazy to prepare for two Nov. art shows on the same  days. One is an art fair and the other is a gallery show. Plus I have work at the Tucson Airport. Will have to pull some pieces on loan for these other shows. All are nice opportunities that I am so grateful for. They just are all happening at the same time! 
Better get back to painting! 

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