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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Big Idea

Monday I was still thinking of the fabric postcard I had sent Friday when My Big Idea came to me and I could not wait to share it. I thought of my friend Leyla, who is in the army and has been to the desert many times. Then as I was driving past a retirement home I had this idea: Wouldn't it be great if the guys that are still over in Iraq could receive one of these little works of art from those here to let them know that they are being thought of and they are not alone. The soldiers could have these keepsakes to touch and feel good vibes. Then I knew it would be great to have an activity with a very positive outcome for retirees in the homes. It would be an activity that would be a win - win situation for all involved. Creativity with/for a cause has always been a wonderful way to stay connected and give of ourselves to others.
I was so jazzed by the concept that I stopped at three retirement homes on pure impulse and found myself almost too excited to articulate my idea. The activities director at the first home was so very gracious and patient as I stood there and blurted "I have this great idea to tell you about!" I was in my gym clothes, no make up,  yet so enthusiastic I felt like I could light up a whole stadium with energy. The director told me to "slow down, start at the beginning - who are you etc." Though her budget had just been cut, she liked the idea and gave me a referral not far from their  home and I quickly drove over and left my name and number. 
The third place I stopped at was on my way home and I simply pulled in, asked for the activities director and went to her office. This time I introduced myself before I said "I have this great idea." She graciously listened to my idea about the fabric postcards and the connection with retirees as a creative activity. This  director also liked the idea and suggested I email details and we exchanged cards. 
So now I am figuring out the middle part - the details.  (I even asked for and got a brief tour of the artwork in the building from an equally kind person who as it turned out is the partner of a well known artist in this area and that I was acquainted with - small world!)
When I  spoke to Leyla, she said it's wonderful to get 'fan mail' when you are in the desert.  She said I will be surprised at how many responses I get. (Leyla has been stationed in the desert several times). I can't wait to start this program! I get this euphoric happy high just knowing it will make a difference.
And I am sending a very big thank you to those who are so kind and gracious to a total stranger who walks thru their doors dressed in scruffy gym cloths blasting all this enthusiasm stating "I have this great idea!"
Thank you for your patience and for listening!!

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