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Friday, July 10, 2009

Jewelry - Tiny Paintings to Wear

Today I saw a video on YouTube that motivated me to play with a totally different technique and direction. It was on making domed resin pendant. Previously I had toyed with the thought of the glass tiles, but after watching this I now have TWO ways to put my artwork on other media. Sure there's the notecards, bookmarks, book bags, prints etc. but I confess I have always loved to experiment with jewelry making, beading etc. Why Not?! 
My glass paintings tend to be jewel like in style and color and could translate well into pendants, brooches. With a little tweaking in PhotoShop.
So here's a link to the video (turns out there were many examples) and some reverse glass paintings that could fit well in a square, round rectangle or oval. It will be like wearing mini paintings! One inch rounds or squares.
Here's a tutorial on that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Krb1a3OhsS0


Botanical Bird said...

Beautiful paintings! I love the vivid colors you've used...bravo!


Sue Betanzos artgirlsue@earthlink.net said...

Thanks! I love color and texture. Also use glitter and gold in all of my folk style paintings for magic!