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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Current books I liked

The following books  I liked and you might like too! I listen to books a  lot when I work on a piece or travel. Usually have 5 to 9 books going at any one time. Books are a big passion with me. So here's a few...

The Art Of Racing In the Rain  - audio book; bittersweet and really good.
Three Cups Of Tea - audio book; amazing story.
Blink, the Power of Thinking without Thinking  - audio book. How decisions are based/made.
Stop and Smell the Roses - favorite comics - Mutts, they make me laugh and think.
Artist to Artist: 23 major Illustrators talk to children about their Art - great read!
Breaking Dawn - yes, I am a Stephanie Myers fan and this audio book was good.
The Invention of Hugo Cabret - children's audio. I love children's books and stories. 
Dead to the world by Charlaine Harris from her Southern Vampire series. Light, entertaining, funny.

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