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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Sue Betanzos, Artist - A Quick Introduction :)

Here is a quick introduction of what I do. For those of you not familiar with my art, I am a multi media artist and I work in two distinct styles and have collectors for both.

The one below is an overview of the media I work in; reverse glass painting, glass mosaics, colored pencil and acrylics. All have been shown and won awards.

I will be figuring out how to imbed it with the actual video and put it up on Youtube.

The first slide and the last slide:

This was made with Google Slides. Clunky, but fast, like a powerpoint presentation. Trying to make a fast video with iMovie didn't work out. Since I am on deadline I went for the fastest way to show work, with slides. 
The video on one of the slides will not play, and no music, but overall it tells a bit about my work. The first link (an iMovie) I made and sent did not work, so I made this super fast.
Now back to the studio, painting a New St. Francis! Yay! More on this as the painting comes along.

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