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Friday, February 19, 2016

Three Reasons to Have A Color Journal

Making color journals and references of the media you work in can be very handy to have. Below are three reasons I like to make my color charts of colored pencils and paints.

First, start by getting your colors lined up, warm to cool or whatever works. Then do a small shade bar, from darkest to lightest.

1. Pencils, watercolors, acrylics will vary slightly (or a lot) from different manufacturers.
Also, it can be difficult for beginners to choose based on the packaging color. Having your little color reference can make it easier to see the actual color on the paper.

2. If trying a new brand, it's good to make notes on the side along with the # number of the color to refer back to when getting a palette ready for new work. Each brand and color will have it's own personality and often vary. Light fast, permanence, strengths etc.

3. It's always relaxing and fun to document observations on the colors, feel how each works.  For beginners it is an excellent way to practice shading.

The printed color chart is from Faber-Castell site. It shows all the colors in each of the sets they make. (found under Customer Service tab at the bottom).  There is another chart that lists light fastness for each color. The site will give color charts for their products.

Using a variety of brands gives me the flexibility I need to achieve the results I want.

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