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Monday, July 6, 2015

Books, Snacks, Wine, Rainy Day

This little mosaic Ruby Throated Gem is part of a day three of the invitation art challenge.

Took the weekend off from cyber and studio. Had the guilty pleasure of just reading - hanging out with a new author/read and taking a micro vacay into the urban fantasy world of Patricia Briggs :)

I'm sure my version of heaven will include a giant library loaded with my favorite authors, genres, snack/wine/coffee bar and BFF Risa (of course)!
All in a nature type environment filled with birds, running stream, waterfall etc. - why not?

Except the wood frame, the hummingbird mosaic is suitable for outdoor or moisture.
Stained glass, mirror, chain -  un-grouted, adhered with Lexel silicon on wedi board.

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