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Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Saguaro

My backyard isn't much to look at - a sand pit, a large rose bush, some brick, a palm.
The star of the yard is a giant Saguaro where Gila Woodpeckers nest every year. House finches and other birds like to perch at the top. They eat the saguaro flowers when in bloom and announce sunrise with sweet song.

Tall and super healthy, the Saguaro has a variety holes that have pecked out. I like to think it's the same pair of Gila Woodpeckers that nest each year. Every morning from early spring, they call to each other and start building the nest, making new holes.

Then the babies can be heard all day as the woodpeckers take turns feeding.  I've seen the male chase off other birds and a even little dust up with an aggressive Western Kingbird (the woodpecker won :) who tried to take over the site.

My saguaro with Gila Woodpecker pair.

Oh, and lately on my morning walks I've been treated to close (like, 10 feet) viewings of Coopers Hawks. So close I can see their red eyes and feather details. Of course when I stop to stare, they take off in a few seconds to nearby trees!

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