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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day Of The Dead Celebration

Nov. 1 & 2 are the official Days Of the Dead, a big celebration of life, remembering our loved ones.
This year I did a small piece of my Risa and a night of face painting sugar skull designs at Tucson Botanical Gardens for their Feast Of the Dearly Departed event.

The little details are all things that are so her! Prints available - contact me sue@suebetanzos.com

Made a border for a postcard with tiny paw prints (red, white, blue).

I love face painting the sugar skull designs which can range from slower, complex designs to fast simple painting. Either way, they are fun to wear!
Body art has been around since the dawn of humans - this celebration is an opportunity to have some fun painting them.

Took this off the iMac after returning (bad lighting in my little office), before I washed it off. The smudge on the nose bridge is where my glasses sat - yes I need glasses to paint!

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