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Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitten Friendship Ink

Sue Betanzos - Black Star Matt Ink on cold press 140 lb watercolor paper.

A beautiful quote from my large collection of lovely words and quotes. Paired with a BFF image I have loved and wanted to use.
Decided to use a combination of ink techniques with brush for my final SkillShare Mastering Ink class project.  Revisited brush/ink and really liked the Dr. Phil Martin Black Star matt ink which is a super rich, warm black that is waterproof, permanent.  Next time I will use brushes with longer heads like liners that will be easier to keep clean. Oh, and mask the whiskers for a crisp look.
Favorite, Only brush cleaner: The Masters
Sue Betanzos - Friendship

Additional notes copied from my post on SkillShare with my final Kitten Friends Ink class project:

When I first started this class I watched Yuko's video a few times to absorb all of her tips and advice. Then, after getting new brushes (have to wait on the cool Asian brush investment) the experiments began with the various techniques.
Once I jumped into black and white studies I just kept going, getting more comfortable producing in inks. Really enjoying the whole process and challenge. Hours passed like minutes in my little bubble of a studio.
The bird studies ranged from the technical pen, to pen and ink, to several brush and pen combinations. Each had a distinct look and, more importantly, the practice got me comfortable with the water color papers, brushes and ink.
First thing I learned was to get brushes with longer heads. Like acrylics, the ink is waterproof and kept working up to the ferrul with the shorter brushes so I had to keep cleaning the brush if I dipped it. 
I used the eyedropper from the bottle to put ink drops on my glass palette to get ink from and that helped. The cold press watercolor paper used for my end project was a Strathmore which was a bit smoother than other brands, yet still had some tooth for the brush.
After many experiments, the combinations of brush strokes, washes and pure blacks finally gave me piece I was comfortable submitting. 
The image was combined with a lovely quote selected from my collection (I'm a book/quote addict!) and given to a friend who just lost her kitty companion of 15 years in the form of a handmade card.
Below are the experiments and brushes used. This is was a fun class that really got me going in a new painting direction. 
Thank you Yuko for sharing your wonderful experience and knowledge!

The "adventures in Ink Experiments". The Goldfinch, Oriole and fawn are done in technical pens to get back into working in ink black/white perspective. The other three birds are done with brushes.
The lettering is generated :(   Hand lettering is so beautiful that I've signed up for a few calligraphy classes next for a more hand done look/feel.
The Wood Thrush is the ink wash experiment, feeling how the ink behaves on paper in washes. I LOVE the Black Star ink with it's soft rich blacks and am hooked on this brand from now on. 

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