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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Recordar Es Vivir

To remember is to live. Translation of the title and always my thoughts on November 2.
Altar display at Tohono Chul for my grandmother, great grandmother, mom.

The altar display went well. I brought items that were relevant to my grandmother such as sea shells (she loved to walk on the beach and collect shells), photos of:  her BFF friend Carmelita, her mom (my great grandmother next to the white frame of Carmelita), family photo in the front with my mom, and her daughter (my mom at the end by the bible). Also her favorite color - pink, some tiny dishes, a wooden chocolate mixer, flowers, candles. Forgot to fill the cup with coffee (cafecito).

At the last minute I also brought postcards of the painting to give as mementos, keepsakes of the event. People loved them and I wish I had brought more.

My grandmother was passionate about the Virgin de Guadalupe, the bible, church so there were items for that as well. You never know what people will be drawn to and I was surprised how many questions I received regarding the wooden chocolate mixer and the significance of the shells.

I must have demonstrated the use of the wooden hand mixer and the making of Mexican hot chocolate at least a dozen times, rolling the handle quickly between my hands.
Dia De Los Muertos Altar for my Abuelita Margarita Gomez Macias - Tohono Chul 
Talking and explaining non-stop from 5 - 8 pm was exciting but exhausting and towards the end I was getting a little hoarse. Also, in the rush to get everything, get out there and set up, I forgot a sweater. By 7:30 pm it was chilly and I was glad I had brought the jeans to change.

It was a new experience to share my family memories and photos. People were fascinated by the old photos and personal items. They were kind, respectful and curious.
By now Many have learned about hand making Mexican hot chocolate with a traditional tool over a stove! I bet if I held a tiny cooking class on just that I would have gotten a fair attendance :)  Who could know? I hope at least one person is inspired to try this old fashioned, traditional method.

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