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Friday, November 8, 2013

Maybe StarGazer Magic

Painting in my StarGazer fantasy folk style is a new journey that I am enjoying exploring, trying new things, mixing media, letting my imagination fly.
It allows for the freedom to create a new world where there magic is everywhere. Since fantasy, sci-fi art and literature are my hobbies, it's easy to fall down these magical rabbit holes.
Oh, and my latest passion - photography by landscape night photographers who specialize in starry skies. Photographers such as Mike Taylor Photography and Ben Canales Star Photography. Both are super talented and I never get tired of gazing at the night skies.
Just subscribed to Earthsky which is where I found the talented Mike Taylor. Love to get the latest in meteor shower times, sky reports, star sightings, photos etc.
The starry night photos inspire and fuel my imagination with possibilities.

As my StarGazer style evolves I'll post them here to migrate to FB.  The style is already looser, characters less stilted, softer. Still want jewel colors and incorporate lots of color in my work.
Since my specialties are animals, folktales, myths this new style will continue developing. It's exciting to reinvent my artwork into something new, fresh (for me anyway).
This is the boxer Maybe from CA on a starry night in a magical meadow. 12" x 12" acrylic.
I'll make new headers for my FB page with starry images soon!

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