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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Keepsake Boxes

Most of us have mementos of certain times, places people in our lives. Scrapbooks, drawers full of "stuff", closets full of sentimental tees and clothing we can't part with even though it doesn't fit or would not be worn.
Keepsake boxes, treasure boxes, memory boxes - all meant to hold items of sentimental value. Past, present, future boxes of memories.
The boxes currently being created are inspired by our human need to hang onto sentimental mind/heart value that is represented by the items they can contain.
I know for me it has been the gift of companionship of my pet companions in the chapters of my life. Each dog, cat, bird a beautiful, bright part of the big ongoing visual novella I call my life.
I have kept the tags from my dogs and cats and will use the little box to house their loving memories.

What about the fantasy? It's an itch I have wanted to scratch for a while. Fantasy, folktales, sci-fi, paranormal mystery, magical fiction are a big part of my reading - always have been.
Reasons why some of my favorite authors are Nora Roberts fantasy series, Charles De Lint, Pierrs Anthony, Tolkien (Way before all the movies), Star Trek, Star Wars, Kat Richardson,
And that's just a few!

Oh, two new terms I have just learned that are perfect for all of my contemporary animal and nature pieces: "Imaginary Realism" and "Magic Realism". These words are much richer in meaning than 'contemporary art' (boo - boring). So those are my new words that I will be using 2014 :)

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