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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Art Enriches Our Lives

Mural for Wright Elementary School - Finished!
Mural Vinyl Lettering Installation

Mural Vinyl Lettering Application
This charming, welcoming little mural is for the John B. Wright elementary school entry lobby.The school has a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, hence the STEM in the school title.

In collaboration with the principle, Maria Marin, the design features a bit from several areas.
The Monarch butterfly life cycle on the left will reference the school garden in the courtyard that will teach students plant life cycles and butterfly life cycles by planting the milkweed which is the food source for the caterpillars.

Clouds and rain illustrate climatology. Our solar system on the right shows our planets place in our solar system ruled by our sun.

Little R2's cousin is the robotic technology reference and will provide the students with an opportunity to name it - maybe a contest!

Erupting volcano and sedimentary rock layers the robot is standing on remind of the earth's geological history.

A family of little quail reference the natural world and biology of nature.

Seek and find numbers from 1 - 12 are hidden in the mural. Some are obvious, some more hidden and a few require that special and most important ingredient - Imagination!

Where would we be without imagination of inventors who thought - "what if" and invented cars, electricity, computers, even air conditioning.

Before the mural - the original entry.
The vinyl lettering for the professional finish to this mural was generously donated by the Cook Sign Company, who did the school's original outdoor sign many years ago and has been making signs since 1976.
Another invention - digital lettering! Hand lettering is not common and today almost every lettering and sign is fabricated on a computer digitally and applied either by hand or machine.

These letters were carefully rubbed onto the rough surface using fingers on the thin fragile letters. The letters are self adhesive and merely require a super clean surface to stick, much like decals.
I wonder who Imagined this brilliant concept.....

As this mural demonstrates, art is meant to be shared and enriches our lives.

Have you found all 12 numbers?

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