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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Adventures in Ceramic Illustration

Tender Fawn


Porcelain repurposed plates ready for new life
The Illustrations on porcelain are cookie plates that are food and dishwasher safe because the glazes and paints are fired on.
Cookie Panda was the very first attempt with this medium and I am still getting the feel for it. These are ready for firing and I can't wait to see how they will come out!

The fawn and panda are done with oil based mediums and the tiny hummingbird with a water based medium. Will see how the detail holds in the firing.

Went to a thrift store and picked up more inexpensive porcelain to experiment with. A variety of sizes ranging from the 6" as in the hummingbird to a large stoneware platter with a blue rim.

Staying with pure white for plate colors and black/white illustrations with maybe one additional color.

Endangered wildlife will be most of the focus, but I am already planning a few dog designs. And o.k., fawns and hummingbirds are not endangered, but they are good practice as I get a feel for the medium.

More later as I design for my new loot of repurposed dish ware!

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