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Friday, July 6, 2012

For Riley, Sweet Goldi Girl

LuckyDog Sugar Cookie Gift Box

I am donating this Lucky Dog sugar cookie gift box for a silent auction for the National Mill Dog Rescue. I am glad I can help . It made me think of personal dog experiences. These are my stories I shared with Rebecca and will share with you because they still haunt me:

There is a lady out by my friends house that has moved and left her 3 dogs behind in an enclosed chain link type area. It has been a few weeks now.
Someone comes by to feed and water them and they have access to shelter (a doggy door I think) but other than that they are alone - a pack of three.
No point calling the human society - they have food, shelter, water and would be worse off in the overcrowded shelters - would stand less of chance. But it's hard to watch them wait, wait, watch the end of the road - waiting for someone to come home. The expectation in the three faces clearly asks Where did she go? When will she be coming back for every day again?

Similar situation in CA few years ago for my dad's neighbor who had a goldi named Riley who was completely isolated in the back yard. My dad used to go make sure she had fresh water since they would just fill a bucket every few days. Ants would get in her food and dad would get her fresh food, give her treats, love. Riley was almost never allowed in the house even when the frosts and freezing came.
When the fires came and all the houses were burning down nearby many home owners were advised to leave. Riley's owner left - and left Riley behind. My parents did not leave, but they were packed up, ready and dad was ready to take Riley too. He was not going to leave her to the fires.

Today I still refuse to speak to this lady. Riley passed away this Jan.. They say Riley died of a seizure. I know she died of loneliness.

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