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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Studio Dog

 Moving right along with this cool mosaic. Each sheet of glass is unique - that is the beauty of working with stained glass and one of the many reasons I love working with glass. No two sheets of glass are ever the same and shopping for glass is such a pleasure for me.
I like to match the "grain" or flow of the glass with the subject; in this case the fur of Wilber the bobcat.  My reference is the graphic logo of TWC and a photograph of a real bobcat. The photo is for value reference - where are the lights & dark contrasts and middle values; where my hardest and softest edges are.
Also, for the cat I custom cut and fit each piece rather than cutting many pieces at once. More labor, but feels right and that is how my style has evolved for all animals I do in mosaic. The background will be a repeat pattern and will go much faster.  Risa - first class studio pup!

First Class Studio Dog - on the job

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