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Sunday, October 23, 2011

National Geographic BioBlitz 2011 Wildlife!

This weekend I attended and participated in this year's special event BioBlitz sponsored by National Geographic. Each year a different national park is selected by National Geographic for an intense two days of collecting, identifying and recording the flora and fauna of that area. As the environment is always changing, adapting, the natural world is adapting and evolving new species from fungi to new insects, plants, animals.

Saguaro National Park was selected for 2011 BioBlitz. It was an honor to have three of my wildlife pieces chosen and displayed in the visitors center of Saguaro National Park at this amazing and special event. I can only hope that through my wildlife artwork the public will gain an appreciation of the beauty and frailty of our natural world and above all the message that everything is connected in a vast skein - a network of life. Every thread that is broken weakens the whole.

Get ready for some serious glass mosaic - I am also working on a large mosaic sign for Tucson Wildlife Center. They are a non-profit organization who's mission is to rescue, rehab and release wildlife that has been injured or suffered the impact of urban encroachment. Let's face it - we already know that wildlife habitat is shrinking at an alarming rate and with it the bio diversity.

My goal - that my artwork will help change perceptions. Next time people look at one of my bat paintings, or Gila monster mosaics their perception of that species will change from "Eeeww, ickk!" to " Oooh, beautiful, fascinating animal!"

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