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Friday, November 27, 2009

St. Francis and Risa mini Paintings Mosaics

Wow! The day after Thanksgiving. Feels like any other day and it's back to work. Had a lovely dinner and ate Waay too much. Had highly nutritious coffee and apple pie for breakfast - mmm! those leftovers are tasty!
Starting new reverse glass paintings and pieces - they are small and pretty cute.All of the mini mosaics have gems, stones, beads, glass and often mirror. Size range is 7 - 12 inches. 
Never tire of St. Francis, wildlife & Risa subjects. Risa Star Gazer will be used for some holiday cards and gifts.  As you can tell,  I like Starry Nights and Risa will be gazing up at the brightest star of Christmas.
Hope there are those out there that are reading - leave comments :~)  I know I should work Facebook page, but no time! Will get on there shortly and put something  up!

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