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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Art & Romance

Working hard to finish as many pieces as I can for the holiday season and have been literally living in a bubble of painting, cutting glass, and listening to audio romance books. Yes, I have become addicted to them and the time goes by so fast - I feel so creatively productive! Not just any romance, but paranormal romance and I even joined an online book club thru Shelfari called Paranormal Romance is my Brand of Heroine. 
Though I have always liked fantasy and sci fi it never occurred to me to even look for this genre and I stumbled onto it thru another blog.
Anyway, I am so hooked and it must be good for me because I am producing some nice pieces. 
Yesterday I quite for the evening and when I turned the TV on there was one of my favorite movies - The Lake House. I think this is the 5th time I've watched it and still enjoy the very end where Sandra Bullock and Keanu Finally get together ... Sigh!

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