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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

La Sirena Progess 3

Home stretch - almost finished. This is a critical part of the painting, the final background. It is a one time deal - once applied that's pretty much it. The only way to correct in this technique is by removal thru razor or solvent and redoing. At this stage the whole painting will be covered with the background of the undersea water. So careful planning on colors, then several layers of painting to create luminosity. Layering the paint colors is how shading and depth is created - usually 2 - 4 layers per element. 
This is how the Sea Turtle was created and this painting is part of the Sea of Cortez series - part fantasy, part reality; what is often referred to as 'urban fantasy'.
She is adorned in kelp and the green surrounds her like the kelp beds with the orange Garibaldi and sea turtles (inhabitants of kelp) as her escorts. 

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