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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Goals

This summer I am working extra hard to reach out, make new connections, and create new opportunities. Really get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I didn't realize how isolated I had become in my studio, even though I love my work. 
One activity I am going to do is an art fair. I have done one ages ago and it was o.k., but I did not pursue it again. Yesterday it took willpower and self discipline of a different kind to make the calls and ask for information about venues. My biggest challenge is generating enough work to fill a booth and the storage of the finished pieces. Yet I find myself excited  when I think of the work I want to  put out there. 
Also, when I commit to big deadlines and challenges I'm forced to rise to the evolution and create something I have not done before, learn something I don't understand. I find I enjoy the thrill of discovering the process as I go. Stressful - of course! That's part of the growing process and the incredible satisfaction gained when the summit has been attained - like I want to plant my flag that says "I did it!" at the top. (picture of me in mountain climbing gear standing by my flag blowing in wind on top of mountain and Rocky music playing in background - cheesy but true!)

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