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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Madonna del Desierto - Finished!

At last! This piece took a couple of starts to get the right feel. I wanted a wild, white rose with the little Madonna in the center. Choosing the correct glass for the white was a nice exercise and instead of cutting the glass it was broken and the shards picked out for a more random look. Mirror and iridescent glass adds sparkle for a magical touch. 
It is my belief that everything is made up of energy and therefor has spirit. It's fun to think of elves, sprites,

 fairies, etc. which is why Tolkien, Harry Potter and other fantasy genre is so appealing. Charles de Lint is wonderful at weaving urban fantasy stories where the characters are so authentic and I actually met him at the Book Festival earlier this year. Mr. De Lint other favorite authors inspire my fantasy True Blue series filled with mermaids, Madonna's, winged kitchen kitties, magical birds etc. On to my mermaid painting...

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