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Friday, July 31, 2009

Fabric Postcard

I did this little fabric postcard for a show called Wish You Were Hear and have  discovered the 'World of Fabric Postcards'. I googled it to find out more on the subject and turns out there are all these quilting/fiber artist communities and shows on this media. Who could know?! A lot of galleries that have shows exclusively on hundreds of these minature works of art.  I loved these tiny 4" X 6" fabric  fine art!! 
Thought of doing mine by printing some of my images off my ink jet printer onto this pretreated fabric, then embellishing with embroidery, beads etc. Went to a quilt store that wanted 16.00 for a 7 sheet pak of 81/2 x11, said forget it and buzzed to Walmart where I got a few sheets for 5.00 to experiment.
It was really fun to get reacquainted with my sewing machine and I will definitely do a few more to send to friends. I got a link on a how to from a blog I really enjoyed  http://debrichardson.com/blog/?p=232
that was a how to and now I think I am hooked!  Other links:  http://www.art2mail.com/faq.php, 
This first one has bling on it because I like a bit of it in all my works and also to distract from the 5 th grade sewing due to technical struggles as I kept going "oh yeah, I forgot about that part" while figuring out the machine's quirks. I have a wonderful Vintage machine that I have used for a Very Long (no years here!) time, and it was my mom's before that. 
The next one will be embellished with paint and glitter and will take 1/2 the time. My Day of the Dead painting will do nicely!

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